National Stores launches new camera brand LYTRO in the Middle East

From left to right - Mr. Khaled Abul Dahab,Mr. Ashok Vannarath, Mr. Ateeq A. Shamsi, Mr. Salah Khoory

Dubai: 3rd October 2015

Redefining the art of photographic technology, National Stores announced the launch of LYTRO ILLUM into the Middle East market. Distinctly different from the traditional cameras, Lytro introduces in the region its unique concept of “Living Pictures”, courtesy its revolutionary Light Field Technology, pushing shutterbugs to experiment with diverse images, whether it is the rugged beauty of nature or a defining moment at a wedding. The breakthrough camera holds wide appeal for people from different backgrounds, ranging from professional photographers to businessmen to those who love to freeze their special moments in the lens. To be marketed across the MENA region, Lytro ILLUM will be officially retailed at National Stores across UAE, besides other power retailers such as Sharaf DG and E Max. The ILLUM is priced at AED 4999.

The way we communicate visually is evolving rapidly, and people’s expectations are changing in lockstep. Light field cameras offer astonishing capabilities. They allow both the picture taker and the viewer to refocus pictures after they’re snapped, to re-orient the scene by shifting the perspective view, and even to switch between 2D and 3D views. With these kinds of amazing capabilities, pictures become immersive, interactive visual stories that were never before possible – they become living pictures.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Salah Khoory, General Manager, National Stores said: “The launch of Lytro in the MENA region, particularly UAE, is a momentous occasion for us. The market is very receptive to electronic gadgets and appreciates quality which is why we are confident that Lytro will thrive well in this conducive environment. With multitude of platforms that require photography, Lytro’s entry will only give users a worthwhile option that scores high in terms of monetary value and user satisfaction, as evident by the testimonials from shutterbugs around the globe”.

“Like any other creative art, photography is a passion and those who understand it also realise the value of right tools required for optimum result. This is why Lytro, with its futuristic approach, is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for professionals across the globe. There is something truly exciting and incredible about creating beauty that is a sight to behold, and this is exactly what Lytro as a brand strives to achieve and succeeds. We feel proud to have brought such unique technology and a quality brand to the people of Middle East”, commented Mr. Ateeq A. Shamsi, Director – Sales and Marketing at National Stores.

“The camera will be retailed through all National Stores outlets across UAE while we as the master distributor of the brand are also in the process of finalizing contracts with other power retailers to enhance the availability and then as a next step explore other GCC and MENA markets”, added Mr. Ateeq.

Mr. Sandro Fulgheri, Managing Director EMEA Lytro said, “Lytro is very excited to finally launching the Lytro Illum in the broader Middle East. It took a while to be ready for the market and find the perfect local partner to work with. In National Store L.L.C., we have found a very reliable and respected partner to work with. We look forward to serving the Middle Eastern photographers and consumers with our latest’s technology and hope they will be just as excited as we are to start shooting with our camera”.

Khaled Abul Dahab, the award-winning photographer, instructor and brand endorser of Lytro camera added: “Shoot now, focus later, is the mantra Lytro believes in. This is the freedom and the will to push boundaries that Lytro provides its users. The ILLUM, with its new-age technology, captures not just images, but the imagination of photographers as well, courtesy its innovative concept of shooting 3D which breathes life into an image. As a photographer, I can feel the depth and richness that ILLUM brings to my images, and there is no denying that this camera encourages shutterbugs to put on their thinking caps and visualise every image before they press the click button.”