Anuja Siraj, A New Author in Town

At the book signing event in Karama, Dubai where readers arrived to meet and greet the author and get their copies signed

At the book signing event in Karama, Dubai where readers arrived to meet and greet the author and get their copies signed

Dubai: 5th August 2015 [PR]

Dubai: It is always inspiring to hear about people reaching out to achieve their dreams, and there is no dearth of young talent in the world today. One such success story is that of Anuja Siraj, a Dubai-based writer and blogger who at 23, has just released her first book. Titled ‘A Lifetime’s Worth’, this is an anthology of short fiction pieces collected in two parts laced with simplicity and honest observations of a world in turmoil.

As an adolescent, Anuja contributed to The Young Times, a publication of Khaleej Times, and became a familiar name among young readers in the Middle East. In 2008 she won the national title of the ‘Teen of the Year’ awarded by The Teenager Today magazine in Mumbai, India, after which she began contributing to it.Glimpses of the book signing event in Karama, Dubai

Published by Partridge Singapore, ‘A Lifetime’s Worth’ has already made waves among young readers in India and UAE and in just the opening month it has become sold out in online platforms such as in India. A reader in Toronto described on that the book was ‘like a train ride.’

“The incredible thing with this book is how it takes these really tough, frightening subjects and just delivers them bluntly. And it is such an easy read, surprisingly, considering that,” – Anuja in an interview with Ian Smith, Partridge India

‘A Lifetime’s Worth’ is available in all countries on, Barnes and Noble and a number of other retailers. The introduction to the book has been penned by none other than Carol Andrade, the first female journalist at the Times of India.COVER FRONT

“[The characters] weave tales around very specific situations that touch human lives,” – Carol Andrade, in her introduction to ‘A Lifetime’s Worth’.

Signing copies of A Lifetime's Worth

When asked on what her advice to aspiring authors was, this is what she replied: “If you have a dream, don’t ever give it up. On the hardest days, remember that you are worth it and that you have stories inside you that deserve to be told- and that is what we are in the business of.”

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