Dubai Based Pakistani successful and talented Fashion Designer Arzu Gul

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Dubai: 15th June 2015 [Dubai Post, The News Blog of UAE]

AG as a label has been involved in local as well as international assignments with broad mix of things like: fashion shows, TV commercials, music videos, private albums, print and social media. At local front, the label has been featured in many magazines and on international level, AG label has been worn by celebrities and appeared in music videos latest in Abrar-ul-Haq. On a number of occasions, several celebrities have actively promoted the AG label on their own social media profiles after noticing and feeling the tremendous workmanship behind the end product.arzu gul

Behind the label, the namesake is: Arzu Gul, whose untethered passion drives the brand. Nevertheless, she exquisitely juggles her work at executing projects of all sizes across the UAE, yet is able to devote, quality time to the upbringing of her two smart boys. She ensures that while running between shows, shoots, workshop, clients, fittings, get-togethers etc. she gives worthy attention to the family and finds solace in being with her kids and assist them with school work as well as no curricular activities around town. Being with her family gives her the necessary grounding she needs to appreciate the finer things in life.

Nowadays, the AG label is looking to broaden further by enlisting clients from the cross section of society and catering to the different ethnic mix present within the UAE while ensuring that the designs are keeping up with the overall international trend. This has helped to establish the AG Label in the local market with a global appeal at valued prices.