Dubai Based Singer and composer Neha Pandey releasing new “Bird Song “

Neha Pandey song

Dubai: 6th June 2015 by: Zulfiqar Shah
Dubai Based Singer and composer Neha Pandey releasing new “Bird Song ” This song is a tribute to women, challenges, emotions and dreams. The song will have a wide mass appeal, as it has English and Indian flavours. Performed by an International talent- aiming at both local and International audience, truly reflecting Dubai’s multicultural aura. In a time of superfluous pop music ‘Bird Song’ tackles deeper emotions and feelings- A true cocktail for all music lovers.” this song has been Produced by Vishwanath.


Neha is: A writer, composer, dreamer and a singer; a mom, a model, a musician and a beauty enthusiast

Nationality: World citizen, living in Dubai

Genre: Moody, edgy, eclectic, experimental

Strength: Harmonies – No wonder the Indian musician Palash Sen call Neha the Queen of Harmonies

Inspiration: Dream passionately, Live beautifully, Love completely

Songs by Neha: Belly Dancer, Bird Song, {Khamoshian and Kyon (in the pipeline)}