Annual GECO Desert Fun Drive


GECO Desert Fun Drive is an annual event which GECO M&E under Al Batha Group organize every year; this year Mr. Saaduddin Ahmed (Administration Manager) of GECO M&E decided to invite Al Batha Group(entire group) to participate. The event is for employees of the group who own 4×4 vehicles; this event was supported by experienced marshal’s CHAMPIONS4X4 (

Chief Guest of the event Mr. Altaf Hussain – General Manager GECO M&E

On 22nd May Friday afternoon around 30 4×4/SUV vehicles hit the dunes of Al Faqa Area.

4:00pm : Marshals briefings and guidance to all the participants.

4:15pm  : Tires deflating

4:45pm  : Asr Prayers

5:00pm  : Drive starts

Participants enjoyed the adventurous route which was expertly directed by champions4x4; the panoramic view, routes between dunes, sabkas, camels farms, by considering the easy level of drive and little aggressive approach for fun. 35km route were successfully achieved by all participants followed by Maghrib prayers participants reached to campsite by 7:30pm.

Camp was very well set by liquid filled torches, lights, music, seating arrangement & dining facility by GECO Administration Department.

8:00pm  : Dinner were served with cold drinks

9:00pm  : Musical Chairs for Children & Staff.

10:00pm  :  Thank you speech of Mr. Altaf Hussain (GM), he greeted participants and his admiration for Mr. Saaduddin Ahmed & his team for arranging successful event.


Later all of the participants guided to the nearby Gas station for inflation of tires, few sits till midnight with their relaxing sheesha enjoyed pleasant breeze, the show ends with many retains in memory.


Mr. Shabudeen (Project Manager –GECO M&E) It was great pleasure time, we enjoyed very much. Thanks for the efforts taken to arrange the program and  attention being  given during Desert Drive  to each  participant.

Mr. Ismail Sheikh(Chief Accountant – Super General Company) First of all thank you very much.Alhamdulillah the program was excellent and management was done at professional level

Mr. Arshad Ali (Facilities Manager – GECO M&E) “Amazing Experience” – I have previously done it but never drove before. It was an exciting drive being behind the wheels for the first time, though getting bogged down a couple of times in the dunes but it all added to the fun.  I have to commend the team of Saad and his marshals for their leadership and expertise, if this was not enough I was further amazed with the addition of scrumptious food, music and all around fun. Kudos to u Saad n all your team members!! Looking forward to another round of fun.

Mr.Akhtar H.Yergatti (Area Facilities Manager GECO M&E) It was a wonderful experience for me as it was first time for me, the event was organized very well. Though it was bit scary but safe under your guidance & the marshals.I enjoyed it thoroughly including my son who was very much excited & wishes to go again. the events after the drive were quite enjoyable including the delicious food. I must applaud your efforts in gathering people and making the event successful as it is no easy to handle such a crowd and make them comfortable. I would like to thank and congratulate you on this.

Mr. Milind Arjun(Assistant Finance Manager – GECO M&E) Thank you very much for arranging such a wonderful event. Me and my family enjoyed it to the fullest. This was my first time on Desert drive and I was a bit scared. But the way you arrange the event along with other marshals and teams was good. The Dinner arrangement & musical chair with kids and staff members was icing on the cake. Please keep arrange this kind of Fun drive whenever possible for staff.

Mr. Elie Nasr (General Manager – MPC) Myself and my colleague, Ousama Al Hassan, were delighted to have joined the drive. We just as much enjoyed the company, the camp get together, the dinner, and the calm of the desert night. Many thanks to you and to all those involved in making it an unforgettable experience. All the best,

Amjad Hussain(Facilities Engineer – GECO M&E) You and your  team well managed and organized that trip.I had been  enjoyed desert safari trip. It had been great pleasure to go with you and your team. Next time if you arrange  any  program so don’t forget us.

Mr. Fauzuddin (Finance Manager – GECO M&E) It was really awesome  trip for desert safari, a life time experience. Very nicely arranged and managed, commendable effort. Appreciate. Looking forward more fun.

Mr. AbdulRahim(Project Manager –GECO M&E) It was great pleasure being the part of the wonderful event arranged by you. Though I have never tired on my own to drive OFF Road with my car. The level of confidence given by you have really motivated us to have self drive on the desert. Myself and my family have really enjoyed the fun drive. The Marshalls also helped and guided us in a kind manner. The rescue equipment fitted in your vehicle was really well planed and arranged in a professional manner. We felt being with a safer hand and guide during the entire event. It was great experience for all of us. At the end, the awesome Briyani served by your team was rally tasty and tender. Everyone who participated have enjoyed the event and we look forward to have more such fun events in future as a family entertainment. We thank you and the management for giving this opportunities for the employees. Thank you once again. We Look forward to see another fun event soon.

Mr. Zubair Ahmed Sheikh(Accountant – GECO M&E) GECO Desert Fun Drive which has Organize by GECO M&E was great, it was my first experience and I enjoyed a lot, to manage 20 + vehicle in desert and around 100 people is not so easy but our Admin dept specially “Mr. Saaduddin” along with his marshal team organize the tour very well, We appreciate Mr. Saaduddin for his effort he brought everyone on one platform from the management to labour. This kind of get together will help in team building.

Mr. Riyas K.P(Accountant – GCO M&E) Many thanks Mr Saaduddin.Brilliant day! It was a nice trip and a lots of fun! Very enjoyable. We really enjoyed our time in desert and this was a very well-organized trip. Appreciate your arrangements and very good guides.

Mr. Nuruddin (HHR – Al Batha Engineering Group) “The event was very professionally organised and brilliantly executed. The marshals ensured that our drive was smooth and breezy. We had first-timers who drove like professionals thanks to the briefing provided at the start of the event. All arrangements were flawless. Everyone had great fun including children who made the most of every possible opportunity in the dunes.  I would like to thank Mr. Saaduddin Ahmad and his team, especially the experienced marshals who made this event possible. We are all looking forward to the next event”

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