Geco Mechanical & Electricals Ltd, organized their labour picnic day at Green Mubazzarah, Alain


Dubai: 18th April 2015 [PR] Dubai Post, The News Blog of UAE

GECO Asst. Administration Manager Saaduddin Ahmed arranged picnic day for over 500 labors at Green Mubazzarah, labors enjoyed hot springs, a lake, swimming pools and other facilities.

Buses reach to the destination at 10:30am for relaxing picnic at Green Mubazazarah from Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah. Breakfast served and briefing to all for their safety and hazards. The real destination at this weekend trip is actually at the foothills of Jabal  Hafeet. There lies the Green Mubazarrah. It is a green valley, where hot-water springs gush forth in little streams and form a lake. Little pools and Jacuzzis are scattered all over the area and a large grassy park attracts labors. When you catch the fresh breeze you will understand why it is a fabulous destination and can be ranked top attraction in Al Ain.  GECO always consider picnic day with arrangement of Friday Prayers. Therefore labors started heading to nearest Masjid for Friday prayers. After the prayers Lunch served; some among labors finish their lunch and head back to their exciting Jacuzzis and some start relaxing at lush green grass with cool breeze beneath trees.  It does get very busy during weekend evenings and nights, therefore all buses departure time were kept at 3:00pm. Labors enjoyed every moment of it and prayed for their management’s facilitative decision.