Dune bashing with Oasis Palm and Champions4x4


Dubai: 1st Feb 2015  By:  Zulfiqar Shah

The rolling sand dunes of the deserts of Dubai are always a challenge to adventurers everywhere. Stretching out as far as the eye can see with waves of fine golden sand coming at varying heights, one cannot simply resist the call to roll with them.

Together with event organizers Champions4x4 and Al Taqadum Advertising, Oasis Palm Tourism headed by its Managing Director Ishrat Ali Khan hosted adventurous guests from esteemed Dubai media outlets to an afternoon of wild and exhilarating dune bashing experience last Friday, January 30.

Marshals from Champions4x4 took eager media personalities onto their monster 4×4 trucks. They rolled and smashed their way all over the sprawling sandy hills of the Al Awir Desert in Dubai for many hours. Screams and yells of delight rang all around as the 4x4s rode up and down, dipped, and dived across the sands. Not content with just riding on 4×4 trucks, guests then braved the sands by going sand boarding down the dunes. Feet planted firmly on wooden sand boards, they slid down the flowing sands one at a time trying to maintain their balance. Some succeeded and some fell flat on their backs or face down on the sands. Regardless, it was still an exhilarating fun that drew laughs from all around.

The action-packed desert safari tour was capped with a relaxing pit stop at the Oasis Palm desert camp. A day in the desert is not complete without an encounter with the desert kings, the camel. For a quick round near the camp, two camels take guests on a relaxing ride giving them a glimpse of the desert life of a Bedouin. Inside the rustic desert camp, refreshing drinks, relaxing tea and delectable treats awaited guests. It was a welcome respite after an adventure-filled day. Guests enjoyed free henna painting, a chance to wear traditional Arabic costumes for men and women, flavored shisha, and souvenir products for sale like sand arts, magnets, scarves, figurines, and other souvenir items.

Not long after, a sumptuous dinner buffet of Arabic and Indian cuisine was laid out for everyone. Grilled barbecue and fresh fruits were also available for guests to enjoy. As people settled in their seats, music started to play all around the camp, and a Tanoura dancer with his colorful costume came and spun his way to everyone’s delightful hearts. This was followed by an even more mesmerizing Belly Dance from a lovely lady that captivated everybody’s attention. An exhilarating adventure in the dunes and an easy relaxing nightcap in the desert camp made that Friday a truly memorable day. Kudos to the organizers for a wonderful event. For truly fun and memorable desert safari tours in Dubai, call Oasis Palm Tourism today. They also offer other premium local tours and excursions like dhow cruise dinners, city tours, Musandam tours, yacht charter in Dubai, and deep sea fishing in the seas of The Palm and The World islands.

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