Model and Actor Siraj Baloch, is a rising star of UAE


Dubai: 2nd February 2015 [PR]

Dubai-based Pakistani, Siraj Baloch Model/Actor is a rising star of UAE. He has worked in short films, drama serials, Fashion shows, photo shoots and lots of TV commercials . IMG-20150131-WA0034
He says After coming from almost every shoot I get one question from people that it is hard to get modeling jobs Siraj you are very lucky how do u do it ? I answer Science says show me and I will believe , Faith says believe and I will show you,  Most of the people don’t get what they want in their life is because of Fear , fear kills dream fear kills hope fear is the most powerful reason of failure .If you overcome your Fear then sky is the limit.
In the process of working on your dream you will fail you will face a lot of difficulties but don’t lose hope keep going because pain is temporary it may last for a minute, an hour a day or for a month but if you Quit than it will last forever.
There is no Elevator for success you have to take the stairs, step by step inch by inch, behind every successful person there are lot of failures in the journey.