Asad khan and Veena khan son Abram’s pictures went viral on social networks, 27K followers just in 2 weeks

abram khan


Dubai: 7th October 2014  [News Desk]

Just after 2 weeks of Asad khan and veena khan son Abram’s pictures went viral on social networks n twitter getting 27 thousand followers just in 2 weeks and got many facebook accounts n thousands of followers on Facebook as well, finally Shah Rukh khan who has been hiding his son Abram for almost two years has released his picture on twitter… Now the question is what made shah Rukh khan to release his son AbRam picture after veena n Asad son Abram pictures went viral on twitter and has been constantly in news for the last two weeks due to his charm n cutness… whatever the reason may be but credit goes to veena and Asad’s Abram to left no option with Shah Rukh khan but to release his sun AbRam pictures, let’s wait n watch who gets more popular cooler in future Abram or AbRam…best of luck with both the parents!!!