The Way Back by Halla Kim

Dubai, 25th September 2014 [PR]

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) is teaming up with Bahrain’s annual Naqsh Short Film Festival to showcase 14 films to audiences in Manama from the 15-19 October at the Seef Mall Cinemas. Naqsh Short Film Days, now in its third edition, celebrates the best in short films from the region and beyond. Organised by Naqsh Films, the festival will screen 99 films from 36 countries this year.  The films, which had already touched the hearts of audiences at the previous editions of DIFF and the Gulf Film Festival (GFF), range from a touching love story of an old woman and man in Iranian animator Azadeh Moezzi’s short Me, My Wife and Our Cow to the tale of a young man whose dream to play football is twisted by life in crime-ridden Iraq in Haider Rashid’s The Deep. DIFF’s Artistic Director, Masoud Amralla Al Ali commented, “One of the Dubai International Film Festival’s key objectives is inspiring audiences through fresh new talent and original, thought-provoking and distinctive filmmaking. Our collaboration with Naqsh Short Film Festival provides an opportunity to showcase some of the films audiences in Dubai loved to Bahraini filmgoers.” Mohammed Rashed Buali, Artistic Director, Naqsh Short Film Festival: “The art of film is a universal language that promotes cross-cultural dialogue and greater understanding of the hopes and challenges different societies face. We highly value DIFF’s support for Bahrain’s budding film scene and its invaluable contribution to the region’s culture and arts community as a whole”.

The participating films are:

  • Father by Ivan Bogdanov
  • Palmipedarium by Jeremy Clapin
  • Stick by Ole Christoffer Haga
  • Me, My Wife and Our Cow by Azadeh Moezzi
  • Snap by Hilere, Thomas G. Murphy
  • Cantarella by Diego Dada
  • Allah is Great by Andrea Iannetta
  • Gas is Over by Askhat Kuchinchirekov
  • Thin Arms by Sandeep Ray
  • The Way Back by Halla Kim
  • The Deep by Haider Rashid
  • Factory of Lies by Hamzah Jamjoom
  • Mishwar by Abdulaziz Al-Shlahei
  • One Man’s Tricycle by Fahmi Farahat