Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt at “Bazm-e-Urdu” Mehfil-e-Mushaira in Dubai


Dubai:  24th August 2014 By: Saman Haziq [for Khaleej Times]

Prominent poets gather for Mushaira held in commemoration of India, Pakistan independence days.When an event is conducted in one of the sweetest languages of the world, it is bound to have a soothing effect. At 7.30pm on Friday, the Shaikh Rashid Auditorium played host to one such event titled Mehfil-e-Mushaira with Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt as chief guest. Also present at the event were Indian actor Javed Jaffery and Indian minister Fareed Ahmad Kidwai. The grand Urdu Mushaira (poetry session) was organised by Dubai-based non-profit organisation Bazm-e-Urdu in commemoration of the independence days of both India and Pakistan that share the same civilisation in terms of poetry, arts and culture. “This event is purely dedicated for the love of the language Urdu,” said Rehan Khan, founder of Bazm-e-Urdu. Running quite behind the scheduled time, the programme took off at 9pm with the giving away of souvenirs to Kidwai and Mahesh Bhatt after which an impressive lineup of poets was announced and given mementos. The distinguished poets list included some big names like Gulzar Dehlavi, Nida Fazli, Abbas Tabish, Jalees Sherwani, Sarvat Zahra, Dr Zubair Farooq, Mumtaz Naseem and Khalid Sajjad.

Although the initial speeches and lengthy introductions of the guests took a considerable amount of time, the exasperated audience was immediately controlled and mesmerised by the excellent emceeing and intelligent humour of Indian poet Abrar Kashif, who was also the moderator of the show. The auditorium was soon echoing with praises, laughter and “once more” screams from the audience as Kashif hosted the show with poise and etiquette, pinning poignant and apt couplets before and during the poetic compositions rendered by the Urdu poetry stalwarts.

Left, right and centre (literally) from every side of the auditorium there was a rattle of claps and appreciation reverberating as the distinguished poets strummed the different chords of emotions by their soul stirring compositions regarding social milieu,relationships, love and friendship. Most of the poets struck the right chord with the audience as they recited couplets that focused on reminiscing about days of yore. With almost every poet drawing a good number of whistles, comments as well as praises, the Mushaira picked up pace as the poets moved from topic to topic and got the public into a state of frenzy with the elaborate description of being in love and vivid descriptions of the beloved. The programme reached a crescendo with the entry of Emirati-Urdu poet Dr Zubair Farooq who stole the show with his melodious, meaningful as well as humourous Urdu compositions. Bazm-e-Urdu honoured Dr Farooq with the ‘Josh-e-Urdu’ award for his service to the Urdu language. Dr Farooq, a practicing dermatologist at Zulekha Hospital and the Ministry of Health, has till now written 40 books in Urdu. The ‘Josh-e-Urdu’ is an annual award the organisation has recently introduced to honour any individual or organisation in recognition of their efforts and work in promoting Urdu. The award is named in memory of renowned poet Josh Malihabadi, who was also a freedom fighter and had moved to Pakistan after the partition of India.

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