Press Conference of Bollywood movie ‘ INDIA MEIN LAHORE’ orgainzed by JYK


Dubai: 10 October 2013 By: Zulfiqar Shah

JYK invited the media of UAE for the press conference to announce the launch of the movie ‘ INDIA MEIN LAHORE’.  The movie is being produced by Rajesh Tripathi, and the story, screenplay and direction by Iqram Akhtar, a well known writer of Bollywood.

Quotes from the movie makers & team Iqram Akhtar – Director : “I have been writing films for a long time but this is the first time when I wrote something from the heart knowing the troubled relationship my country shares with our neighbor… and hence I myself decided to direct this film and keeping my age old promise I had made to the people of UAE, I’ll be auditioning actors from UAE for prominent roles in my debut film.” Sanjay Masoomm – Dialogue Writer : “Bollywood movies are evolving day by day and after a long time, I had fun writing dialogues for a romantic comedy spread over India and our neighboring country, Pakistan.”

Lalit Pandit – Music Director :

“Love knows no boundary and music makes love spread out all over. With India Mein Lahore, the audience will experience a different kind of music that will bridge the gap between India and Pakistan.” Rajesh R. Tripathi – Producer : “I believe in doing something good for the society. And my ultimate aim for being a part of this film industry is to grow my NGO work for the girl child in our society.” Avinnash Nanda – Creative Director : “Being a advertising profession, I have always created stories in 30 second commercials and now for the first time, I am giving creative inputs for a feature film. For me, this will be a feature film with a treatment of a television commercial that will keep you hooked every minute.

Juhi Yasmeen Khan- PR/ Marketing UAE-
‘India Mein Lahore’ is very catchy name and I am glad to take this movie promotion in UAE as people know that JYK has always provided the platform to boost new talents, and through the casting of this movie it will open golden gates to many talented actors from UAE for Bollywood in India. Its a good experience to work together with Bollywood team. I have immense confidence on the entire team of the movie.



An outstanding presentation & announcement of the movie India Mein Lahore from the production team The production team of the movie also announced about the auditions which were held to select the cast of the movie on 12,13,14 October 2013. According to the director of the movie Mr. Iqram Akhtar for the audition they were looking for main actors one female & four males from 20 years to 30 years and for character artists 5 years to 50 years male/female. All the guest enjoyed yummy delicacies and special gifts.

Auditions were held at Ramee Royale Hotel on 12, 13 & 14 October. Dubai witnessed a huge crowds & fans from across the UAE to participate in the audition. The team of India Mein Lahore selected many newcomers for various characters in the movie. It was a huge success for the team of India Mein Lahore, Mr. Iqram Akhtar, Mr. Rajesh Tripathi & Mr. Avinnash Nanda were thrilled to have the huge success in Dubai. The audition of the film India Mein Lahore got huge popularity & benefits from UAE in term of artists , contacts and financiers for the movie with the help & efforts of local Marketing & PR partner Mrs. Juhi Yasmeen Khan. The Director & producer of the movie Mr. Iqram Akhtar & Mr. Rajesh Tripathi announced the launch of one more movie in Dubai soon as they got local partners for another movie. The Fans & People of U.A.E  are eagerly waiting for the shoots & start of the production of the movie India Mein Lahore.