Arijit Singh the Singer of Best Romantic song of the Year 2013 “Tum Hi ho” of Film”Asshiqui2 ” arrested and then Released for beating Press Photographer

Arijit Singh
Dubai 14-9-2013 By: Zulfiqar Shah
Bollywood Singer Arijit Singh who is also famous for his best Romantic song of the Year 2013 of Film “Asshiqui2 ” “Tum Hi ho meri”  was yesterday arrested by Local Police and then released for beating Press Photographer.(which was not true and a fake FIR was Launched against Arijit Singh)
Talking about that Day Arijit Singh has written on his Facebook wall that  “coming back to my scandal. Lot of people are curious to know what exactly happened yesterday and day before that. Guys no need to go ask anyone. I will answer it myself. I was in court for one of my friend’s case which is really personal to me. I was there to support. I like to travel alone on a scooty and I like to be as normal as anyone, it is a breathing space for me. I was seen by some reporters yesterday. they followed me to the court. I did not bother. the moment I came out I saw two three local reporters recording footages. I requested them that it is not a criminal court also none has done any crime so that you record truth and convey it to public with the help of media as a responsible reporter. It is a personal level incident, just because people know my face you should not do this.They were pretty professional I must say. They kept recording.I requested several times. They did not respond. I told them I can put a case on you both becau…se this is illegal. They were strong and did not respond(as usual, reporters I said).I got really angry and took the helmet and hit both the cameras(not the camera reporters) so that It get shut. Yes, I lost temper. it was silly cz as a photographer I know that cameras are digital now a days. I realized that immediately and started walking to my scooty and there were some people who wanted to click photographs, I stood with them happily and clicked and left. This is what I have done. I got up in the morning and posted stuff. Then Police came and said you are arrested. I got to know that those reporters filed a case against me accusing that I have beaten them up to the core and they got hospitalized. rest you know. I just thought the end of the day that, I insulted someone on a personal level because he insulted me. I did wrong. I should have just ignored. Lession 1. that reporter misused the power of media in such a wrong way that today the most important news of delhi rape case is a secondary. I mean such a shame. Why did you have to give me such importance?I will continue to protest, lesson 2. and finally you know what? I know I am not harmful and I love everyone as they are and have certain respect for everyone around, and I don’t care also at the same time. I won’t think of my image being whatever against what I stand for. I stand for me, I stand for my friends.