Pakistan’s Interior Ministry commits to begin reprinting of passports instantly ‘ Jamil Ahmed Khan

Envoy talking to memebers of Pakistan community in UAE during consultative session held at the Embassy-3 copy

Abu Dhabi 4 April 2013 By:Zulfiqar Shah

Stepping up the efforts to resolve delays in issuance of new passports, Pakistan’s Ambassador to UAE Jamil Ahmed Khan Wednesday spoke with the high-ups in Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior and emphasized the need for clearing backlog and taking practical measures to resume printing of passports at earliest.

The Interior Ministry committed to begin reprinting of the passports instantly and assured the ambassador of ending the entire backlog latest by end of June this year. The authorities acknowledged the efforts made by Pakistan’s Embassy in the Emirates in highlighting this matter at the highest government forums and simultaneously addressing the concerns of the expat community. Yesterday, Envoy Jamil had conducted surprise visit of the consular hall at the Embassy in Abu Dhabi and issued on-spot instructions to the consular staff in extending all-out support to the Pakistani expat community facing problems because of the persisting delays in the issuance of new passports.

Presently, the backlog in the issuance of new Machine Readable Passports (MRP) stands at over 40,000 requests from the UAE alone, which can cause loss of jobs and heavy fines that may lead to cancellation of visas. Envoy Jamil has been meeting with a number of community members and satisfying a host of queries from the Pakistani expats on account of delays in the issuance of passport.The envoy had committed to early resolution of the matter during his various meetings with the expat community, culminating into today’s commitment by Pakistan’s Interior Ministry to initiate the printing of passports instantly.