Condemnation of the murder of Indian Doctor Danial in UAE

Abu Dhabi: 4 November 2012

By: Zulfiqar Shah

“Criminals are not tagged with their nationalities; act of crime whether within or beyond the boundaries of any country is condemned and it is incumbent upon comity of the nations to ensure that criminals are impeded from harming the human beings”, said Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE Jamil Ahmed Khan while meeting a group of illustrious Pakistani doctors at the Embassy.

The murder of Dr. Daniel of Ahalya hospital is not only inhumane but barbaric and can only be done by a crazy person who does not have the human heart, said Ambassador Jamil.

He informed the members of the delegation comprising of Dr. Abdul Hafeez Nasir, Dr. Mohammad Shoaib, Dr. Adnan, Dr. Sajid and others, that the Labour Attaché of the Embassy has already met with the investigating agency offering them all kinds of assistance that may help in expeditious judicial process leading to conviction of the culprit in accordance with the law of the land.

The accused person, who committed this heinous crime apparently without any rivalry, was an ordinary labourer working in a local company for last six years and had developed a prostate gland according to the available information from the hospital.

The delegation of doctors while describing the general environment of patient treatment mentioned about the cases where patients regardless of their origin, caste, creed and religion at times get infuriated and enter into altercation and scuffle to which the doctors always show tolerance as their job is to serve humanity.

The delegation of Pakistani doctors joined their voice with the Ambassador while condemning such a gruesome act and extended their condolence to the bereaved family and offered all possible support to them.