MediaCom is Participating in “Gitex Dubai” this year

The Heads of MediaCom at press Conference (Photo: Mirza Muhammad Nasir)

Dubai: 28 September 2012
Report By: Zulfiqar Shah
Photography: Mirza Muhammad Nasir

C.E.O of MediaCom has said that It gives us great pleasure to give you a glimpse of what we are trying to achieve at Mediacom. MEDIACOM represents the fields of Media and Communication. Our satellite systems and Karaoke Sing Along players’ business is expanding. We are eagerly and enthusiastically working to bring the best of these fields to your homes, while enjoying the process of enabling people to have fun and add happiness to their lives.
and this year we going to participate in Gitex Dubai. Talking to “Dubai Post” News Blog of UAE he said that Over 14 years of our partnership, we have accepted our shortcomings and strived to overcome them. This has only been possible through your feedback and support. In return, we will do our best to give true value that you can enjoy
A karaoke player is a music system with embedded microphone inputs and songs remixed for you to sing along to.It’s more than simply entertainment – kids can gain immense self confidence through singing. MediaCom has worked with children at the Dubai Autism Centre, using our uniquely melodic sing along approach in an effort to help them integrate into the wider community.We envision serving communities in over 200 countries through our karaoke sing along systems, as a global organisation that enables students and self-respecting individuals to earn an additional income through our special programs by the year 2020.
MediaCom started out in Dubai in late 1997 to serve the growing community of satellite TV viewers in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region.Representing brands such as Samsung, Hyundai and Sony (to name but a few) helped cement MCI’s reputation in the satellite market. This was taken to the next level in 1999, when MediaCom began installing TFC (The Filipino Channel) and Free-to-air packages in people’s homes throughout the Gulf.
By the turn of the millennium, MediaCom had become synonymous with reliability in the satellite hardware and pay TV sectors.
In 2001, the growing company began distributing Karaoke systems through the GCC and Philippines. Eleven years later, we can proudly state that we are the top-selling karaoke brand in the Middle East, with over a million households enjoying our range of karao ke and satellite products. Innovative marketing campaigns, excellent partnerships as well as good old fashioned word-of-mouth has brought us to this point, and we hope to continue our steady path of growth into the future.

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