Sharjah Islamic Bank holds a training programme to 14 Emirati branch Managers

Sharjah: 25 September 2012

By:Zulfiqar Shah

As part of its endeavour to attract, mentor, and retain national talents in the banking sector, Sharjah Islamic Bank organized a training course titled “Branch Manager Leadership Programme” in collaboration with Levenbert.

The career development programme was attended by 14 Emirati branch managers and directors.Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jassem Al Bloushi, head of the Retail Banking Group at the Sharjah Islamic Bank, said that the programme falls in line with the Seven Star Award recently launched by Sharjah Islamic Bank with the aim of encouraging healthy competition among branches. He clarified that such courses and programmes, which are a vital component of creating an institutional entity that is qualified to meet the demands of the banking sector and capable of serving customers in a manner that exceeds industry standards, will help improve the quality of service provided by SIB’s various branches and encourage the creation of a more competitive business environment to help ensure increased efficiency and growth rates. Additionally, such initiatives further aim to foster employees’ potential and to encourage them to develop their creative thought processes and problem solving skills.

Mona Al Ali, Training Manager at the SIB Training and Development Division, remarked that Sharjah Islamic Bank is keen to advance their national personnel through continuous career development programmes which aim to train and develop ambitious talents and provide them with all the necessary requirements to enable them to fill leadership roles. “Investment in human capital is of a paramount importance to overall development which requires collective efforts to achieve,” she said.The training programme addressed several topics, primarily performance management, customer services and sales management.Mr. Mohammed Al Katbi, King Faisal Branch Director and one of the participants in the program, commended the bank’s initiative in organizing such training courses which help managers develop their performance, prepare them to fill leadership roles, and improve their skills to carry out their various duties efficiently. The programme provided training on communication skills with customers and co-workers and on the latest methods adopted in banking sectors in this regard, as well as how to adapt to these developments. Ms. Nawal A Maghribi, Director of Kalba Branch said that the course helped develop concept of leadership on the right track. “Spreading the culture of training, supporting management efficiency, and implementing effective performance evaluation are essential elements to develop human resources,” she said.