Jadopado Expands its UAE Presence amid Rising Customer Demand

Omar Kassim, Founder of JadoPado

Dubai: September 25 2012

By:Zulfiqar Shah

JadoPado, a new e-commerce experience for consumers in the UAE, today announced its expansion plans within the United Arab Emirates to accommodate the company’s dynamic growth over the last year. Between July to August this year, site visitors rose 10.27% with an average of 80,000 visitors flocking to the site every month.

“We’ve experienced substantial growth in our business over the last year as a result of our strong business model which works for local consumers; our speedy delivery; and our great customer service,” said Omar Kassim, Founder of JadoPado. “As we look to strengthen our position and offerings in the UAE as well as expand into the region, we have set-up a new office to accommodate our growing business and our growing team.”

JadoPado’s new office, located in the heart of the Downtown Dubai district, was strategically chosen to keep the business close to their customer base. With an open and modern layout, JadoPado’s office allows employees to freely engage with one another and senior managers to stay up-to-date on day-to-day business operations.

Throughout the rest of the year, JadoPado aims to increase its presence across the UAE through marketing, advertising, and social media campaigns. With over 37,000 Facebook fans and 1,900 Twitter followers, JadoPado is actively growing the e-commerce space by driving greater awareness of the availability of high quality online experiences while emphasizing the advanced security and payment methods now available in the region’s online space.

JadoPado offers UAE consumers a vast range of Electronics & IT products all delivered within a few hours after purchase, giving consumers an “instant gratification e-commerce experience”. Overall, the e-commerce sector and e-commerce spending has risen rapidly as consumers look towards alternative outlets for exclusive products and attractive pricing.