Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan’s Statement on the Blasphemous Film & Announcement of Bounty by Federal Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour

 Abu Dhabi: 25 Septermber 2012

By:Zulfiqar Shah

“The announcement of bounty by the federal minister is frivolous where the minister has spoken on his own account. His own political party has disowned the stance of the federal minister and has sought an explanation from him for giving such an irresponsible statement. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has also lamented the statement of his cabinet member as a demonstration of his own mind-set which is not in any case the reflection of Pakistan’s government & its people at large”, said Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE, Jamil Ahmed Khan, while talking to a group of scholars and poets of Pakistan headed by Mr. Tariq Butt. The delegation came to see the Ambassador on the current issue of blasphemous film and the announcement of bounty on the head of Terry Jones by Pakistan’s federal minister.

Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan said such ideas are against the tenants of Islam and pave the way for further religious extremism besides being against Pakistani & International law. He said the Prime Minister has expressed his serious dismay and displeasure on the statement of his cabinet minister.

“Succeeding elections in Pakistan have proved that Pakistani people reject extremist and religious parties having such bent of mind. The entire Pakistan, barring a minor segment of extremists, believes in tolerance, dialogue and deliberations rather than violence”, said the Ambassador.

He further stated that we are living in 21st century, in an interactive society of a global village where dialogue & deliberation are the main tenants of human rights and human growth.

“It is high time the community of the world may revisit article 30 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights,1948, and develop it further to ensure that freedom of speech is not over-stretched to encroach upon human rights of other individuals, groups and states”, said Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan.