Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan meets Christian community at Embassy

Ambassador Mr. Jamil Ahmed Khan with Christian community elders

Abu Dhabi: 24 September 2012

By:Zulfiqar Shah

Government of Pakistan ensured proper investigation in Rimsha case resulting in its logical conclusion, which shows that Pakistan’s investigative institutions do their work in a professional, transparent and non- discriminatory manner. That is how malicious designs of some ignorant people have been thwarted. Pakistan police, during this important investigation, proved that Rimsha was innocent and the charge leveled against her was false and was framed with mala fide intention.” This was said by Jamil Ahmed Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to the UAE during a meeting with a group of notables from Christian community led by Reverend James Daniel. The Christian community elders brought with them a letter of appreciation for the government of Pakistan for the justice done with Rimsha case.

Appreciating the government of Pakistan, Christian community members said the case was concluded in the right direction. They hoped, in future, all such matters will be judged on the same parameters.

Talking about the recent blasphemous film, representatives of the Christian community told the Ambassador that over 50 thousands Christians living in the UAE and Persian Gulf have strongly condemned the hateful act of Terry Jones who tried to damage the inter-faith relations. They also informed that Christian community in Pakistan had joined the Muslims in the protests held in the past few days.

“In the present time, we shall keep a close eye on people like Terry Jones who claim to be religious scholars, so that they are not able to disturb the religious harmony and do not indulge into desecration of great personalities of all religions”, said Ambassador Khan. He further said that spirit of article 30 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 indicates that no country, society or individual can be allowed to hurt the feelings and fundamental rights of others.  In the light of this article, the Ambassador said, it is high time that all members of the United Nations formulate such legal framework which could cater for religious, racial and individual acts of hatred and provocation.

Christian community notables during the meeting told that they have emphasized upon US government to introduce its procedures restricting such movies which hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims all over the world and which are against the enshrined principles of the United Nations. Ambassador Khan said that, with support of Pakistan and world community and on the basis of earlier referred article 30, he would play his role in the process of preventing such acts to occur.

Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan at this occasion announced arranging a seminar at the Embassy during next week on the topic “Dialogue & deliberation, not violence” with objective to create awareness for peaceful dialogue to avoid acts to malign other religions like the blasphemous movie. He said that acts of violence do not serve religion and are also against the teachings of Islam