Pakistan’s Diplomat to U.A.E Jamil Ahmed Khan Assures Minorities’ Rights Sacrosanct

Abu Dhabi:  Aug 23, 2012

by : Zulfiqar Shah

Pakistan’s top diplomat to U.A.E Jamil Ahmed Khan Wednesday received a delegation of prominent Pakistani-Christians settled in the Emirates and reiterated Islamabad’s resolve to protect and uphold the minorities rights in the face of alleged abuses by the extremist elements.

The visiting delegates comprising Christian community members and pastors representing 30,000 Pakistani-Christians living in the U.A.E expressed concerns about the string of incidents involving abuses at the hands of fundamentalist elements. The visitors especially discussed the latest case of a 12-year old Christian girl, Ramsha, blamed for burning the pages of the Muslim Holy Book in Pakistan.

Responding to these concerns, Ambassador Khan recalled the timely and personal intervention by the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari in the case of Ramsha by ordering immediately inquiry to right any wrong done to the minor girl. The envoy pointed out that Pakistan’s Constitution guaranteed freedom of religious association to all the citizens regardless of caste, color creed and religion.

“Such acts are isolated incidents considering that even Pakistani Muslims are not spared by the terrorists and criminals elsewhere in the country. Consider the case of Karachi where innocent Muslim citizens are gunned down without any reference to religious hatred,” he added.

Ambassador Khan observed that a coterie of mischievous elements tried to bend the Islamic Shariah laws motivated by personal enmity, jealously and such selfish motives. “Those who seek to bend the laws on false charges were liable to prosecution and no one can be allowed to exploit a particular law to compel people to succumb to pressure on any ground.”

Members of the delegation thanked the ambassador for lending an ear to their grievances and expressing the resolve to leave no stone unturned in securing minorities’ rights and freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution and so professed by the father of the nation.

Ambassador Khan thanked the delegates for bringing their concerns to the table and pledged to convey their sentiments to the authorities back home. “Let us be reminded that terrorists and extremists are employing such tactics regardless of faith and gender and we must apply our collective wisdom to wrestle this menace successfully.”